The Magic Of Playing for Kids

The sun is trying hard to make us forget the dark winter months and it won’t be long before our kids can get out and enjoy a few healthy sun rays. Do you remember those early years when your children were first beginning to look at the world to find their entertainment and stimulation?

Do you remember that no matter how much you spent on expensive gifts or toys, they were far happier to play with the empty box that once held that expensive toy instead of the actual toy?  Do you remember thinking, or even saying out loud “Why do we buy toys, they would rather have the box?

A lot of times, as a parent, or an adult who cares about a child in our lives we strive to buy them something that will stimulate them, educate them, and entertain them.  Sure, there are times as a parent when you just want your child to play happily and quietly for five minutes so you can get dinner on the table, or grab a quick shower.

We have all been there!  But for the most part, what we really want is for the toy our child is playing with to stimulate their mind in a way that is education as well as entertaining. If you want to do something about your Positive Self Image, think Laddine!

If you’ve walked down a toy aisle at your local supercenter store lately you’ve probably noticed that almost every toy makes noise, plays music, beeps and sings to encourage the child to play with it. Personally, I think that noise attracts adults who are shopping much more than it attracts the child who is looking to play. Empty cardboard boxes don’t require batteries, either. Now if you consider an alternative school or homeschooling for your kid(s), check out this article. Highly recommended!

So, how do you find a toy that will entertain your child, educate your child, and appeal to the specific developmental stage they are in? Well, if you don’t kick’m outdoors, Enter, Laddine!

Laddine was created by two life-long friends who were frustrated by the toy shopping experience before they were even parents. Beeps and bells were not what they were looking for, they wanted to know how was the toy they were spending their hard earned money on going to help educate the child they were shopping for? Let’s remember that we were kids too and that children don’t always need to behave.

They created Laddine where you can shop by developmental stage or age. The focus is on providing toys that inspire creative play. You remember the creative play, right? That supports your child’s education! Back in the day before video games, and 24-hour access to cartoons when you had to create a game? When blocks came in a box and you could make whatever you wanted as opposed to only being able to build a specific airplane that’s pictured on the box.

Don’t worry, all of the toys aren’t things that your kids will look at you and wonder where the batteries go! There are plenty of toys that scream 2019! Like some amazing robot! Check out as well some new great online early childhood education programs. There are so many interesting new developments! And if that doesn’t get you the desired effect, why not try some old-fashioned storytelling. I bet your success will be guaranteed!

So, by the time it gets December and as you’ll be finishing your Holiday shopping, check out some amazing websites that will help you help Santa fill their stockings with anything but the ordinary! I just had to get this off my chest, and for now, let’s get our houses spring-cleaned and have a wonderful summer together with our kids first!